Authenticity to Action

Action Rhetoric or Reality, Service User and Carer Involvement in Hard Times conference on 7th November 2012

The fourth Authenticity to Action conference was held in November 2012 at the Westleigh Conference Centre in Preston.

Authenticity to Action Conference Information

We are pleased to invite you to the 4th Authenticity to Action Conference, an exciting one day conference focused on the involvement of health and social care service users and carers in higher education. The theme of the conference is to explore the possible ramifications the recession and the ever changing educational culture has on the authenticity and scope of service user and carer involvement within higher education.

A number of key issues will be addressed, including:
• How can we successfully thrive in the current climate
• Drivers and barriers to user/carer involvement
• Making sense of involvement in the current climate
• Impact and outcome: who benefits
• The value of involvement
• Rhetoric or reality
• Networking, partnerships and shared practice
• Policy into practice

The closing section of the conference will comprise of a networking plenary where as a group we will focus on moving involvement forward through sharing practice, building partnerships and coming together in the spirit of activism.


To help us better organise the conference and allocate rooms for presentations we ask that participants let us know early on if they have any particular needs that might affect their full participation in the conference. It would also help if people can indicate their choices of concurrent sessions as early as possible following registration. We will send you a form for this purpose. We anticipate that most conference participants will attend in groups of colleagues and friends, and we encourage everyone to make the most of the opportunity to meet up with others at the conference. If anyone is coming along on their own and might need a buddy to help get involved in the proceedings please let us know and we can arrange this from within our team.

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