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2nd March 2015

Seems ages since the last One in Four Film Festival, not! Today we had the first meeting for the film festival committee to decide upon the format and content of the festival to be held in October. Have a look at the additional information page which appears under the Film Festival page on this site.


21st January 2015

Only 334 days to Christmas.
Well, that’s not really the news.  The news is that we have finally moved the Comensus Resource Library to his site.  Please check it out as it contains an awful lot of relevant links to various web based resources on a range of conditions.  If you find a site or information source not listed which you feel others would benefit from viewing simply drop us a line and we will try and link to it.

6th January 2015

Extension for deadline for Call for Papers to the conference.  Deadline is now 27th January 2015.

4th January 2015

A bit late, but, better late than never.  A very Happy New Year to all.

We are back at UCLan tomorrow to start work again with Pharmacy students and others. Continuing to work with the forthcoming Medical School due to open later this year.
From the constant updates from the staff at Comensus it seems like the service user and carers are going to be kept run off our feet this year with a big increase in teaching and research work.  No peace for the wicked, as they say.

18th September 2014
A little bit late (blame me for going on holiday), but a warm welcome to all the Freshers starting at UCLan this year.  Welcome back also to those students starting their second and third years.  Make sure you make the best use of the Comensus group in your social Work and Nursing studies.  We are in Harrington 207 and open all hours, well almost.


21st August 2014
Seems like a lot of new students for the various social work and nursing courses are becoming quite excited about the forthcoming new ‘Fresher’ year.  Lots of activity on the twitter accounts from around the university.  Are you following any of them?  Keep up to date with the latest news from the university by finding the right twitter account for your course.  Lots to choose from.

12th August 2014
News of the very sad and untimely death of Robin Williams at his home in California yesterday.  We will be showing his film Patch Adams during the 1 in 4 Film Festival in October as  a tribute to this wonderful comedian and actor.

5th August 2014
It appears that COMENSUS is getting noticed!  Although the site has only been up and running for a few days (and the UK is very quiet due to holidays), the new web site is getting hits around the clock, from countries around the world.  Many thanks if you are one of the visitors.  The more we get the more service user groups will become involved in higher education.

30th July 2014
Planning meeting for the 53 Degrees community day to be held during The 1 in 4 Film Festival.  Variety of musical and performance groups confirmed for the day – Wednesday 8th October 2014.

23rd July 2014
Finally, after much frustration, the new web site for the Comensus group is up and running.  All we need to do now is get groups from all over the world to link to us so that the involvement of Service Users and Carers in the education of students at all levels can be increased!



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