Service User Documentary Films

Testimony – Inside stories of mental health care

The following documentary movies have been provided by Testimony. For further information please visit

All of Us – dir. Suryaprabha 2007
After researching the accounts of survivors of psychiatric hospitals and asylums Director Suryaprabha used the original footage from the interviews to assemble this compelling video collage on the people behind “mental health”.

» play | 7 mins 32 sec (Note: This video contains offensive language)


Asylum Seeker – dir. Marie James 2007
A female service user’s experience of different institutions in the late 20th Century is placed in direct comparison with the thoughts of CWM Jacobi in his 1841 essay “On the Construction and Management of Hospitals for the Insane”.

» play | 5 min 5 sec


Makers of Modern Asylums – dir. Hannah Chamberlain 2007
Director Hannah Chamberlain meets a group of service users on their way to speak to the architect of a proposed new mental health unit of their local hospital. The film tracks their progress.

» play | 6 min 50 sec


True Sanctuaries – dir. Joanne Ball 2006
‘True Sanctuaries’ follows a woman returning to the mental hospital where she spent time as a patient for the first time since its closure in 1996.

» play | 5 min 26 sec


Visibility: poor – dir. Suryaprabha 2006
One man’s journey back into his past and his heritage, director Suryaprabha recollects his time spent in an asylum and his childhood visits to his grandmother in the same institution in South Wales.

» play | 6 min 59 sec


Service User Films     Self Portrait
       by Bryan Charnley

5 min 47 sec     The Bondage Painting
       by Bryan Charnley

4 min 41 sec     Professor Louis Appleby: Speech to conference
       Professor Louis Appleby addresses the Mental Health Service reform progress in England in the
last 10 years and that early intervention is a key feature of community care reform in England.
Provided  ‘iris – Early Intervention in Psychosis’ (

8 min 21 sec    Early Intervention: from margin to mainstream.
A story of Social Movement

Jellycat Media reviews the last ten years in this film.
Provided  ‘iris – Early Intervention in Psychosis’ (

18 min 47 sec    Don’t Label Me
A story about Alex’s journey.

22 min 09 sec    Headspace
A short film that challenges the stigma surrounding mental health issues in young men.

10 min 23 sec     Vision Shorts
Vision Shorts is a project where 9 beginners that have mental health problems have starred in
and produced their own films under the banner Vision Shorts.
An article written by Mark Gould about the projec has been published on The Guardian website.

09 min 20 sec


Documentary movies provided by the School of Disability Studies – Ryerson University, Canada

The following documentary movies have been provided by Ryerson University. © 2010 Ryerson University. All rights reserved. For further information please visit

Self Labelling and Identity
We call mad people lots of names. Most of them are not meant to be complimentary. But what do mad people call themselves? Do they accept labels that others stick on them? Do they apply their own labels? Why might one person choose a different label than another?

» play | 8 min 48 sec

Introducing Mad People’s History
David Reville, an instructor with the School of Disability Studies at Ryerson University, explains how the history of madness differs from the history of psychiatry, and highlights the importance of including the diverse perspectives of people diagnosed as mad, insane, or mentally ill.

» play | 5 mins 13 sec

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