One in Four Film Festival


DSC_01436th to 10th October 2014

Venue – Mitchell and Kenyon Cinema,  Foster Building, University of Central Lancashire, Preston PR1 2HE – Car parking available. The One in Four Film Festival is a week-long free event featuring films which explore the effects of mental ill health upon individuals, communities and families.The aim of the Festival is to raise awareness of and stamp out the stigma associated with mental ill health

1in4monday Monday – Mental– an Australian upbeat comedy film that covers wide Mental Health issues (paranoia, institutionalisation, stigma) and their impact on family life. Following feedback from a film festival member we are considering a debate around stigma and whether humour itself is a useful tool to dispel stigma 1in4tuesday Tuesday – Prayers for Bobby – a film that explores homosexuality, suicide and family relationships.  We also have a service user made film made exploring Mental Health and sexuality 1in4wednesdaygrow your own Wednesday – Robot and Frank – an upbeat film that is set in the future that explores dementia.  We have a number of people who could explore dementia and how it affects their lives or Grow your own – an upbeat film that looks at community support and the therapeutic benefits of gardening   1in4thursday Thursday – I am Sam (Learning disability, autism) We will explore with the audience the theme of stigma and discrimination.  We will also look at common themes including does illness and disability create mental health issues, does the way society treats people create mental health conditions   1in4friday Friday – All Quiet on the Western Front – a film exploring the experiences of German soldiers in the First World War.  We are proposing a debate here in the format of a panel discussion (like ‘question time’).  We will also promote the showing of this film as part of the 100 year anniversary of the First World War with wider publicity across a number of events within Preston.  1in4matinee21in4matinee1 On one of the days we are also proposing a matinee showing of Patch Adams, a film that explores how positive professional relationships can make a difference to people’s perception of care and their response to illness and a showing of the Karen Carpenter Story a film that will carry on the work from Eating Disorder Awareness week.For further details please contact:

or telephone 01772 893818

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